828 Healing
Brooke Edde LMT; Rolf Practitioner; Ki Hara Trainer

Pandemic Protocol Update 8-14-2022

Now that we are getting back to a new normal in the wake of the pandemic, I will continue to take precautions to avoid the spread of any contagious virus. 

Here are some guidelines to consider ...

  • Please reschedule if you come down with any cold or flu symptoms.  Receiving bodywork when you feel symptoms of illness or infection has the tendency to intensify your symptoms.  
  • Please arrive for your session on time or not more than 5 minutes early/late. Sessions will begin and end on time to ensure I can sanitize the space. Also, you will avoid crossing paths with other clients and eliminate the need to use the waiting room, which is a common space in the building.  
  • The building no longer requires masks. If you are still wearing a mask, there is a single use bathroom available to avoid the public restroom setting. 
  • Please consider washing your hands when you arrive in the building. Hand sanitizer is available as needed. 
  • I am always happy to book follow up sessions and take payment at the conclusion of our sessions.  However, if you book your sessions using the app or sign up for a reoccurring schedule; store your CC info or send a Venmo payment, you would be helping me keep a tighter schedule. 

Please understand there may be an elevated risk of disease transmission including and not limited to Covid 19 because bodywork involves touch and close physical proximity over a sustained period of time. When you book an appointment with me you do so at your own risk.

To minimize this risk, I have a few rituals 

  • When I arrive to my space, I drop of my personal items then go wash my hands.
  • I then clean my office using lysol, clorox, microban24, and multi-surface disinfecting pledge on the furniture, walls, and carpets.  
  • Before I place linens on the pillows and treatment table, I use hand sanitizer.
  • I will be wearing a mask while working with clients at the table, and I will maintain a safe 6-foot distance if i am not wearing a mask. 
  • after a session i will strip the table and pillows of the used linens, wash my hands, sanitize all surfaces and use hand sanitizer before I re-dress the treatment table with linens. 

Thank you to all who have so dutifully complied with my mask and sanitizing policy during this very eye opening pandemic.  I've been so happy to see your faces again.