Trauma Awareness & Sensitivity Training

If a person has ever experienced touch to be forbidden, abusive, laced with malevolence or manipulation; they may not have developed a strong sense of self or safety, or an appreciation for healthy therapeutic boundaries of safe touch. This makes body work a very uncomfortable idea to get on board with and can also be the reason it is unsuccessful.  Trauma Awareness and Sensitivity (TAS) course offers techniques and ethics education that a manual therapist can utilize. It will demonstrate to your client close attention, acknowledgment and respect so that he, they or she will come to trust the process and be able to acquaint or re-acquaint themselves with normal body signals. The techniques are integrate-able with the techniques you already use making your body work sessions more successful. 

Students will:

  • Increase their knowledge base, sensitivity, and awareness of trauma survivors.
  • Learn integrate -able techniques that facilitate healing in those that have been injured by emotional trauma.
  • Apply best business practices that facilitate safe and equal access to all.