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Brooke Edde LMT; Rolf Practitioner; Ki Hara Trainer

Try Guided Self-RolfingĀ®

You know that timeless saying... "Give a fish, eat for a day, learn to fish, never go hungry"?  Well, that's the idea behind my self- Rolfing® sessions.

I often get asked who my Rolfer® is, and my answer is: "I Rolf® myself!"  My Rolf® training taught me how to access a deep understanding of posture zones and how each one expresses and oscillates between effort and relaxation. My Ki- hara training taught me unique problem-solving movement strategies to find AND correct compensation patterns.  

When my practice was shut down during the pandemic, I started offering the hybrid Rolf®/Ki-hara sessions virtually and have continued them as an available treatment option today. 

Currently I offer Self-Rolfing as a one-on-one private session for those that want more specific attention to a pain or movement problem.  And as a group class for those that don't require too much personal attention.  however, I keep class sizes small so that each person in the class does get specific attention since everyone has a unique body doing very unique things.  

Benefits of Guided Self-Rolfing®: 

  • creates lasting gains in flexibility, strength, coordination and aerobic capacity

  • improves performance and recovery

  • creates more efficient, coordinated and core stable movements

  • aligns the body to improve posture naturally

  • treats chronic pain, stress, muscle tension and injuries from repetitive tasks, or over stretching. 

  • prevents repetitive task injuries, and injury from overstretching

  • teaches you how to self-treat as needed. 

When you sign up for a private session or a class, you don't need to bring anything with you. I have yoga mats, and props and water available. Class sizes are supposed to be small, so I only have so many mats available. Please pre-book your spot here.  I look forward to sharing this innovative strategy with you.