828 Healing
Brooke Edde LMT; Rolf Practitioner; Ki Hara Trainer

Updated August 16th, 2022

Newly remodeled office space!

I am so pleased and excited to announce that not only have I remodeled my current office, but I have also expanded into a second office space!  What do I need two offices for? I'm So glad you asked!

1st: Self-Rolfing classes are BACK!!!

Before the pandemic I started teaching Ki-hara classes after receiving my trainer certification. At the time these classes could only accommodate 4 people due to a lack of floor space. When the shutdown happened; I started offering virtual private sessions with clients. Since obviously I couldn't be there to feel with my hands where lesions were, I had to evolve ki-hara sessions into a more sophisticated hybrid of Ki-hara and Rolf® movement. Due to their success and popularity, I have continued the private Self-Rolfing® sessions in-person or online. Now with my expansion, I can once again accommodate in-person small self-Rolfing® classes this time up to 6 people, as well as have my separate office for manual Rolf® therapy.

2nd: Apprentice sessions

Currently I am training two apprentices to become structural somatic therapist and one of them is starting to take client sessions to complete her requirements for licensing.  More info on them and how you might book a session coming soon.

3rd: Technique Trainings

The field of bodywork is constantly evolving as we continue to further our understanding of how our bodies interact with our environments. Taking technique trainings is vital to a manual therapist's success in that it keeps you up to date as well as prevents burn out. 

I will be using my new space to conduct technique trainings to already established manual therapist as well as offer my space to other continued education providers.