828 Healing
Brooke Edde LMT; Rolf Practitioner; Ki Hara Trainer

Updated February 2024

This New Year announcement is coming to you a few weeks late because after being on this earth for 40 something New Year celebrations, I've learned one thing...

We often start January 1st by setting an intention, that "This will be the year." But then we are reminded how hard it is to change an old habit or start a new one. And if you are anything like me, the new thing goes to the wayside by now. I then swear off New Year resolutions, but I always make one the following year because… it’s what you do at the New Year.

So here is what I have decided: Every day is a new day, every week is a new week. Since I am good at keeping a resolution for almost 2 weeks, I will reset or set a new one every week! Don’t wait for the New Year to start or re-start something meant to improve your life. Instead, maybe begin the New Year by looking back at all the different intentions you set last year and what your experiences were like. And since the beginning of the New Year is yet another day, set another intention.

In the spirit of setting and re-setting intentions this year, 828 healing is here to help. 

🌟 New Year, New Self-Care Offer🌟
To help you keep things moving this year, I'm offering an exclusive Rolf 10-series through movement, semi-private classes every Thursday at 5:30 pm.   Each month, classes will focus on one session of the 10 series. For example, every Thursday in February will focus on session 1: Releasing the breath. March will focus on session 2: Finding Balance, and so on.  I am combining my great loves of Rolf movement, Ki-hara Stretch, and Fascia release into a weekly workout that feels (and gets results) like bodywork!
How to Sign up:
As I said earlier, this is a semi-private class which means space is limitedSend me a message by email or text to let me know you are interested.  Once you do, you will receive an automated email every Thursday morning reminding you to send me a message to reserve your spot to join in person or via Zoom. You can also request a recorded version of class for your convenience.
 Each class by itself is a full body workout so every class has its own benefit. But as an added bonus one class per month will give you the benefits of a 10 series! 

How Much does it cost? 

  • A one-time class pass is $20.00
  •  10-times class pass is $180.00 (Expirers after one year)
  • Want to attend all the classes? A monthly membership is $50.00. You save 50%!
  • You can pause or cancel anytime, and it stops automatically renewing after one year.

I hope you enjoy this transformative journey of coordination, flexibility and strength through ease in
🌟🌟 2024🌟🌟

Remember, let me know that you’re interested by simply sending an email to Brooke@828healing.com or a text message at 801-644-9104.