828 Healing
Brooke Edde LMT; Rolf Practitioner; Ki Hara Trainer

Dr Ida Rolfs' 10 series

Rolfing® is a strategy that focuses on cultivating an inner relationship between the self and the various protective parts. In this model of treatment, the self doesn't only witness or passively observe, it has an active leadership role to systematically find and address limitations within the body.  With the client's overall goal in mind, each of the sessions in a 10 series focuses on a different area of the body and its relationship to the whole person.  The 10 series is divided into three sections.

Sessions 1 through 3 are referred to as the "sleeve" sessions

As the name sleeve suggests we (the client and therapist), work within the most obvious or surface part of the client's structure which is the shoulders, hips, feet, spine and neck. We aim to address any existing pain problems in these areas, as well as improve Breath, stability, support and proprioception.  With these improvements in place the body can prepare for change in the deeper layers of the body.   Often times years of compensation patterns begin to ease during these initial sessions.

Sessions 4 through 7 are called the core sessions

In these sessions we are addressing structures that have a closer relationship to the spine and spirit and yet are rarely thought of or addressed by other therapies this includes the pelvic floor, the hip flexors, and the deep neck jaw and cranium.  In the core sessions we aim to bring awareness alignment and ease to, the incredible intelligent intrinsic muscles along the spine which were marvelously designed to hold us upright against gravity.

 Sessions 8 through 10 are the integration sessions

In the sessions 1 through 7 we have brought specific awareness and ease of pain and movement to the body in sections.  It is now time to integrate everything together so that the client may feel like a whole person rather than a series of parts.  

These sessions vary from person to person depending on how your body needs support in integrating the first 7 sessions.  During these sessions I am careful to address any lingering pain symptoms a client may be experiencing.  Then we explore ways to feel integrated. I do this by utilizing strengthening and flexibility training and/or mindful coordination movement work.  This gives the client the knowledge and power to know how to self-care which prevents most and solves other pain problems that may come up in the future.