828 Healing
Brooke Edde LMT; Rolf Practitioner; Ki Hara Trainer


What is Rolfing®?

Rolfing® is the original form of Structural Integration created by Dr. Ida Rolf.  Rolfing® is the nickname given by Dr Rolfs students that now serves as a registered trademark to distinguish those who have received and continue to receive this specialized training.  Others who practice the technique of structural integration trained with someone who trained with Dr Ida Rolf. 

Rolfing uses 3 methods that lend themselves to the human body to promote self-healing, auto-correction, and nervous system regulation. those methods are

  1.  Therapeutic touch and manual manipulation of the fascia
  2.  Movement
  3.  Interception aka mind & body connection. 

Therefore, Rolfing® is interactive at times. While conducting soft tissue manipulation I the therapist might ask the client to move or breath or imagine something in a specific way. So that we may access and then shift long held patterns within the body. 

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Is Rolfing® Painful?

All GAIN no pain!

Rolfing has a reputation of being extremely aggressive deep pressure and a very intense experience.  Due to advancements in research, Rolfing has taken a gentler approach. Just like when you get a massage, you can ALWAYS request lighter or deeper pressure.  Communication is key.

Ongoing throughout our session I will be checking in with you to make sure you are not experiencing pain and I encourage you as the client to let me know if there is anything I can do to increase your comfort.

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What should I wear to a session?

Do not wear anything too loose or too tight, structured or constricting

  • Denim
  • Thick spandex
  • Open fly briefs 
  • Skirts
  • Extremely oversized clothing

Wear something you feel comfortable being viewed in and sleep in

  • Simple shorts
  • Soft cotton pants that can be pulled above the knee
  • simple T shirt / Tank top
  • full coverage bra
  • full coverage boxer briefs
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How often should I book sessions?

There are no hard and fast rules and ultimately it is up to you when and how often you receive body work but here is a guideline for optimality: 

If you are Going through your 1st 10 series: it is optimal that you space your sessions out once every 2 weeks or less. 

If you have already been through a 10 series: Then it's a lot more flexible. once a month is fine.  

If you are seeking body work for continued self-care, or you are trying to solve a pain problem, we together can come up with a good plan for what your goals are. 

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Which session should I pick?

If this is your first session with me, I would advise a longer session to ensure a thorough Intake process. However, Things to consider when booking a session are,

  1. What is your time and money budget? 
  2.  How much bodywork can you tolerate at once?
  3.  How "complicated" is your pain or movement problem?
  4. Are you considering bodywork as an ongoing self-care regimen or rather to resolve a specific issue?

Classic Rolfing® $110:  This session includes 15 minutes for check in and check out, as well as a 60 min treatment. 

This session is great if you...

  •  don't have a history of injuries
  • are interested in doing a 10 series.
  • want regular sessions as part of an ongoing self-care regimen.
  • are younger then 20 years old

Targeted Tune up $125 This session includes 15 minutes for check in and check out. as well as a 90 min treatment. 

This session is great for those who...

  • are looking to have a specific issue addressed and resolved. 
  • are looking to do a full classic 10 series and have a history of injury.
  • want an ongoing self-care regimen and have a history of injury and/or has a physically demanding lifestyle

Full Body Tune up $140This session includes 15 minutes for check in and check out. as well as a 2-hour treatment. 

This session is a good fit for...

  • those who's pain or movement issues are multi-facetted.
  • your first session, especially if you are unsure of which session is right for you. (If we end up doing a shorter session, I will adjust the price)
  • lovers of body work who just want the most they can get in one session. 
  • an ongoing self-care regimen to those that have a complicated history of injury and/or surgery.
  • those that have a physically demanding lifestyle.

Self-Rolfing® $80: This session includes a 15-minute intake, and a 60 min tailored guided Movement session

  This session is a valuable source to....

  • learn how to self-care at home,
  • keep all of the benefits of a 10 series going.
  • restorative yoga
  • self-rehab medically cleared or idiopathic pain and movement problems.  
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What treatment is right for me?

10 Series: This is a recipe of "organizing" the body designed by Doctor Ida Rolf.  Each session targets a specific zone of posture to help you access a natural sense of balance, and strength through ease.  Since each session is assigned a specific area of focus, it takes a lot of the guess work out for me, so a shorter session could be sufficient.  Ask about saving money with a 10 series package. 

Tune up: In this session I use a series of assessment tests to figure out what may be causing your current discomfort.  Using sophisticated techniques, I do my best to un-wind compensation patterns and ease tension/stress. Depending on your situation you may need a few sessions before your discomfort is resolved. I will be able to assess that in our first session. Longer sessions are better suited for this approach.

Self-Rolfing:  This session mimics a private yoga session but unlike a yoga class, this session teaches you sophisticated body mechanics that you can utilize in all your activities. you will learn how to cultivate mindful awareness and your body's natural ability to self-correct. This is also available as a group class. Classes are limited to 6 participants, so you must reserve your spot. you can purchase classes one at a time or buy a class pass to save a little money. 

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What is Ki-Hara / Guided Self-Rolfing®

Movement is one third of the structural integration paradigm. To deepen my movement strategies, I traveled to Chicago IL to train with Carrie Collins and certify as a level 2 Ki-Hara trainer.  Being a Rolf practitioner and student, I also take Rolf movement trainings in pursuit of a Rolf Movement certification. I utilize both of these strategies simultaneously. 

The Ki-Hara method is a form of Peripheral Nervous system Facilitation (PNF). refined by Anne Tierney and Steve Sierra of Innovative Body Solutions, Inc.  The method includes flexibility, strength, and stability training using a very specific and simple method of weeding out compensation patterns from the body's natural movements. 

Rolf® Movement uses guided imagery to evoke consciousness. The client will perform movements with the intention of focusing on the internal experience of the movement. 

During a table session the muscles are being activated by the client and moved by the therapist simultaneously, using concentric and eccentric movements and body awareness cues. In the classroom the client activates and moves the targeted muscle simultaneously with body awareness cues by the trainer.

This allows a specific muscle to only be strengthened and stretched with in its own capacity so it's always safe, while teaching the body to move how it was born to. It is appropriate for every individual regardless of their age and fitness level. It is simple, and easy, and feels restorative, and stretchy. 

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What Does 828 healing mean?

828 means: "Everything working together"

As a student at the Rolf Institute, I was trained to look at posture in the form of a figure 8. The figure 8 is also an infinity sign. My interpretation of 828 is the body, mind and soul connecting and working together. 

When a group of anything, be it, a community, a family, a business, or one's own body parts, has the tools and training to work together in synchronicity and harmony, a natural sense of freedom and expression happens.  My practice is 100% in the business of delivering the most unique innovative and evidence-based techniques that will help you deepen your own unique working relationship with your body, and I am honored to be a part of that process. 


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