828 Healing
Brooke Edde LMT; Rolf Practitioner; Ki Hara Trainer

My Mission Statement

I am committed to the integrity, and authenticity of somatic therapies. I know that the body is an intelligent self-healing living entity and is the one in charge during a session. I offer my hands and my presence as a tool to help your unique system ground and find its path to least resistance. Empathy is the strength I rely on the most. Knowing that I can't possibly understand what it is you are experiencing but trying to anyway.  I do this by listening to what you say, tuning in to your energy, observing your expressions and reactions, and feeling for tensions, or disassociations with my hands. Through my continued education I gather tools and strategies that help me to facilitate connection, clarity and slack to your dis-ease. I pledge that your experience will never be one of pain, or placebo. It will forever be deeply relaxing and nurturing. I am at my best when I can help integrate your mind, body and spirit. 


I seek to fully understand what it is I do, by mentoring those who wish to direct their own unique strengths into the practice of facilitating the healing process in others though somatic therapies.   

I strive to lead by example. Grow from my experiences with inner strength and inspiration. Focus on honesty as a guiding compass when I get lost, and nurture all things joyous, safe, and kind.