828 Healing
Brooke Edde LMT; Rolf Practitioner; Ki Hara Trainer

Payments & Policies

I accept all major credit cards, cash, Venmo and Pay Pal.  Payment is due same day of appointment. 

 *Disclaimer: Please read before booking a session

As a new client, you must secure your session with a 20% down payment. all future sessions are not subject to any pre- payment unless a no show has occurred. 

Cancelation policy

I fully understand that we cannot foresee all situations that prohibit you from making a scheduled appointment. I only charge a 20% fee if your session is canceled on the same day. however, if a client fails to show up for a session without proper prior notification, their card on file will be charged full price for the session. Or If there is not a card on file or the card declines, no further sessions may be booked without full payment of the missed session.

Safety policy 

It is imperative for your safety and treatment that you disclose your medical history such as any injuries or illnesses, surgeries, treatments and medications, to your Rolfer®. When you book an appointment, you agree to give the Rolfer® all the information they need to insure a safe treatment.

Rolfing® is not a treatment for disease of any kind. The Rolfer® does not treat, prescribe, or diagnose an illness, disease, or physical or mental disorder. Nothing the Rolfer® says should be misconstrued as such.

Actions of violence, romantic flirtations, inappropriate behavior and/or comments of a sexual or violent nature are never tolerated. The Rolfer® or the client has the right to end any session immediately upon such inappropriate behaviors. 

During a session it is possible that involuntary emotions or physical reactions can happen. The Rolfer® will hold a safe space for the client until the emotion subsides. The Rolfer® will make an educated decision on whether to end the session yet the client can end the session at any time. 

 A session that is cut short can be subject to an adjusted price on a case-by-case basis. 

 When booking a session, you agree to the above-mentioned terms.